InControl Nutrition, LLC

What can InControl Nutrition help you with ?

Weight management

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight, lifestyle changes are at the core of your success. InControl Nutrition can help you achieve lifestyle changes that will not feel like you are on a diet !


diabetes management

Recently diagnosed with diabetes or pre diabetes? Living with diabetes for a few years? No problem ! Maja is a Certified Diabetes Educator and will teach you how to monitor your blood sugar, make adjustments to your medication and food and guide you every step of the way to be in control of your diabetes.

Bariatric surgery evaluation

Maja can help get you cleared for Bariatric surgery by teaching you about the different types of Bariatric Surgery, pre operative nutrition guidelines as well as how to manage your nutritional needs post Bariatric Surgery. She will guide you every step of the process to ensure you have a successful and positive weight loss journey.

geriatric nutrition

Older individuals have different nutritional needs than the general population. They are at a greater risk of malnutrition, weight loss and micronutrient deficiencies among others. Maja has over 4 years of experience working in a nursing home and is an expert in meeting the needs of the elderly.

infant nutrition

Many children develop picky eating behaviors at some point in their lives.  Maja can help picky eaters in your family eat a balanced diet. 

Has your child been diagnosed with failure to thrive (FTT) ? Maja has experience in infant nutrition and can provide tips to get your little ones to eat more veggies !

Questions about formula feeding? Maja can help with that too.

perinatal nutrition

Pregnancy can be the most beautiful period in a woman life. It can also be the most challenging. Learn about prenatal and postpartum nutrition needs with Maja.

Having trouble with breastfeeding? Maja can assess your baby's latch and provide lactation consultation to make sure breastfeeding is not painful and that there is an adequate breastmilk output. Maja can also give you tips on how to power pump so you can go back to work and still provide  breastmilk to your baby. 

InControl Nutrition Philosophy

InControl Nutrition strives to give you the tools you need to be InControl to optimize your health as opposed to simply treating an illness.

Eating healthy can be challenging, especially when you are diagnosed with a chronic medical condition. Nutrition counseling sessions are open, nonjudgmental and are a partnership between the dietitian and the client.

Each individual has their own unique background, culture and needs. We provide individually-tailed nutrition plan via Medical Nutrition Therapy. It is never a one size fits all approach.