The scoop on Cinnamon


You might have heard about the health benefits of cinnamon such as helping lower blood sugar and helping with inflammation, but did you know there are actually 2 kinds of cinnamon on the market?

Ceylon cinnamon is often considered “true” cinnamon while cassia (Seigon) cinnamon is not. So, how do you know the difference? You need to read the food label. If there is no origin on the label, it is probably cassia. 

Why should you care? Cassia cinnamon contains about 1,000 times more high coumarin than Ceylon cinnamon, a flavoring substance that can be toxic. 

Bottom line is – enjoy your boiled Ceylon cinnamon sticks or add a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon to your coffee or your oatmeal for your metabolic boost, but don’t expect miracles! Be mindful of excessive intake (usually via supplement form) as the high levels of coumarin found in cassia cinnamon can damage your liver.